Involved vs. Committed
The Big "V"

The complete version of the story is that of a traditional breakfast: Eggs and Ham. The chicken was involved in breakfast, giving of her eggs to make breakfast but always having more of herself to offer. The Pig is committed to breakfast, giving his all so that the ham can even be a part of it all. Most times the crew of Mystic Station Designs, LLC becomes more the just involved in our customer's needs, we become committed to assisting our customers. Mystic Station Design, LLC crew members enjoy performing demonstrations and running campaigns at stores that sell our products, as well as holding special tournaments and campaigns at clubs and gaming associations. The Mystic Station Designs, LLC crew is committed to helping fan organizations succeed and thrive. To this end Mystic Station designs, LLC will attempt to provide at least a demonstration team to a convention or in someway support any convention of which they are made aware.

Volunteerism and a belief in giving one's all for the causes that we feel are worthy is another major part of Mystic Station Designs, LLC. That is the concept of the Big V. Every member of MSD's crew is a believer in giving of themselves to support causes and projects. An example of this would be the level of committment and effort members of the MSD crew used to put into the support of the bi-annual FanTek conventions, CastleCon and EveCon. Members of MSD crew included two of the leads of the computer room, the lead of the gaming room, and four different artists and volunteers for the Art Show, as well as fifteen hours of panels and programs and over fifty hours of games in four different gaming systems.

Do you think you might have the kind of spirit it takes to commit to the MSD crew? Or do you have a cause, a convention, or a project that you feel the many and very talented members of Mystic Station Designs, LLC might be able to help you with? Please contact us and let's discuss the possibilities.

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