One could say that the diversity of products makes Mystic Station Designs, LLC different from other gaming publishers or that our approach on listening and acting on our customers' needs and wants makes Mystic Station Designs, LLC different. Both statements are very true. Mystic Station Design, LLC (MSD) listens to the needs and wants of the customers that we serve and then Mystic Station Designs, LLC strives to approach the gaming industry differently. This different approach starts from the standpoint of understanding:

  • What does the gamer or game master need to enhance their games?
  • What would make their lives easier preparing for a game?

On the educational side of Mystic Station Designs, LLC the approach is that learning should be fun and that the products should foster one's thirst for knowledge, expanding one's creativity and imagination.

But what makes Mystic Station Designs, LLC different is one word: that word is "Crew". In most companies you have employees, associates, executives and so on. The people who work with and for Mystic Station Designs, LLC are known as crew. If you look up the word crew in a dictionary you will see many definitions. The one that applies to Mystic Station Designs, LLC is the one that concerns itself with a group of people who depend on one another to survive and be successful.

Rules of Mystic Station Designs, LLC

  1. Quality products
  2. Never Again
  3. Communicate
  4. We are all Crew
  5. Be on time and be prepared
  6. Have a Good Time

Quality Products:
It is the Desire of Mystic Station Designs, LLC to create and produce quality products. We know mistakes will happen and that is why we have an errata section on our website. However the crew members of Mystic Station Designs, LLC understand being customers and purchasing a product that did not live up to its description or was not what they needed or wanted. Thus Mystic Station Designs, LLC has begun the process of creating products by first asking game masters and gamers questions such as, "What would make your life easier when creating a campaign?" That question alone was asked to over 8,000 game masters at conventions, on line, and at gaming stores over a 6 year time frame. The result of the answers is the Game Master's Utilities product line.

Never Again:
The founding members of Mystic Station Designs, LLC have been published together in the past prior to the formation of MSD. The experience was a nightmare to be polite. The publisher almost ruined their friendship and tried to manipulate them against each other, lying about everything. Note that this is not typical of game publishers; most game publishers are decent human beings. This one was not and caused severe damage to everyone and everything he touched. Thus the comment was born the committment: Never Again. Mystic Station Designs, LLC will not tolerate any inappropriate treatment of its crewmembers or people working with MSD. This statement has been used in other cases. As an example: 17 adults in three hotel rooms at a convention. NEVER AGAIN! This is a committment from Mystic Station Designs, LLC after having a learning experience.

Communications is a very important part of any organization. It is an essential part of Mystic Station Designs, LLC. If there is a problem or a possibility that a deadline might or will be missed, or if there has been a family emergency and one of the crewmembers needs assistance; both of these are vital times for communication. To be blunt, not communicating leads to assumptions and we all know that assumptions are the root of too many problems and issues in life, and business.

We are all Crew:
All members of Mystic Station Design, LLC are crew. We work with each other and watch each other's back. We will survive and succeed together.

Be on Time and Be Prepared:
It is a dishonor to oneself and to Mystic Station designs, LLC if one can not arrive at an event on time or if one is not prepared. It is also showing disrespect to those for whom one is running the event. If a delay can not be helped then go to rule 3: communicate that there is an issue.

Have a Good Time:
Crewmembers of Mystic Station Designs, LLC work very hard on their projects and at conventions. It is the desire of Mystic Station Designs, LLC to balance all that hard work with having fun as well. After all the root of gaming is having fun, and if you're not having fun it must be awfully hard to produce quality products focused on helping others to have fun.

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