What is Gaming?

The Gamer Jargon web site states that gaming is:

gaming (n.):
hobbyist games as a field of interest, or as an industry. Ex: I used to go on dates, until I got into gaming.
Also gamer (n.):
1. one who plays games.
2. specifically, one who plays games of specific "hobbyist" genres, namely role-playing games, wargames, strategic simulations, and strategy & collectable card games; also computer-based variants of these games.
Also gaming, (v.), to game, (v.):
3. the act of playing a game. Ex: Sorry, I can't go on a date -- I'm gonna be gaming all weekend.

Gaming can be several things, from play acting a scene from history to creating new mythologies. Patrick Stweart of "Star Trek" fame has stated that science-fiction is the 20th century's mythology. Gaming is also the traditional board games or the legends of challenging a medieval knight from the past to landing a spacecraft on another planet. Gaming can be testing one's tactical and strategic ability in a game of Chess to the siege of a castle or an interplanetary conflict. In short gaming is many things to many people.

Who can Game?

There are games out there for everyone. It does not matter your age, gender, race, or political affiliation there is a game out there that can and if you allow it will interest you. The old concept of the family gaming night has come full circle.

How can I learn to Game?

This is where you have it easy. You can do the following:

  1. Find a gaming store or a convention that has gaming.
  2. Go to that gaming store or the convention.
  3. Watch the other gamers play and enjoy.

If you do not have access to the above go one line and look for a mud or other on line games. Mystic Station Designs, LLC attends conventions where Mystic Station Designs, LLC hold events on gaming, writing and runs several games. Mystic Station Designs, LLC encourages people who have never gamed before to either sit in and play or just watch. At our panels and dealer's table any member of the Mystic Station Crew will be happy to talk to you about gaming and how to get into it.

What are the Benefits of Gaming?

There are several benefits of gaming, one of the most impost benefits it teaches problem solving skills and encourages reading among all age groups. Other benefits include but are not limited to:

  1. Teaching Social Interaction Skills.
  2. Teaching Imagination Skills.
  3. Teaching one to be adaptive.
  4. Challenges the mind and teaches creative problem solving.

MSD and Gaming

To see more of what MSD can offer you and yours with regards to gaming, please feel free to peruse the rest of the site but you might find some of the most helpful materials in our Products. If on the other hand you would like to first learn more about gaming as a whole, please feel free to check out the following sites:

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